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We are Solomons Island, MD leading roofing company and provide comprehensive roof installation, emergency roof repair and roof maintenance services at the best prices. Some homeowners don’t even think of mending a roof until it starts leaking. Every roof has an age, and a time comes when you have to get it replaced to avoid further damage and potential risks. If you notice curled, broken or missing shingles, or if you see that your roof’s leaking, it’s wise to connect with a roofing team and get professional roof repair and replacement services.


At Park Place Construction, we can help you repair or replace your damaged roof before you find yourself with leaks and mold damaging your attic and living spaces. Roof damage is always urgent to some degree or another. We are here to provide you with emergency roofing services in Solomons Island, MD & surrounding areas. Get a Roof Estimate today!

Roofing in Solomons Island, MD

Why Trust Park Place with your roof repairs?

Our extensive knowledge of the business is used to keep you informed and fully aware of any changes that might occur when it comes to housing standards and safety protocols.

In addition to a professional roof estimate, our team will work diligently to fulfill the roofing needs of Solomons Island by sticking to current standards and updating our policies according to industry standards.

From beginning to end our expert crews will let you know what they’re doing, what to expect, and how long the process should take.

The roof estimate will explain a great deal of what will be needed, but there is always a chance that roof repairs will require materials and work that might affect the budget. Park Place’s expert roofers will keep in continual contact with the home or business owner in order to maintain a professional line of communication in such instances.

Clean-up and preservation of the grounds are guaranteed throughout the job.

Roof repairs can be a bit messy and even with proper equipment and diligence there can be pieces and parts left behind. Our roofers make certain to sweep, gather, and double-check to ensure that your home will be debris-free throughout and at the end of every job.

We keep all overhead costs low in order to pass the savings on to you, the client.

How much the client spends depends on the materials used and the time and effort it takes to install said materials. To keep within the budget our roofers are instructed to use the most efficient materials for your home or business during roof repairs.

The satisfaction of our clients comes first and last on every job.

Our job isn’t done until the client is satisfied that everything has been completed. Client satisfaction is our guarantee.

We work with a wide variety of roofing material manufacturers, which results in a greater number of options for our clients. We want to make sure that we meet all expectations and you don’t have to settle.

While much of what will go into the roof repair/installation will be covered in the roof estimate, Park Place works with various roof companies and suppliers in and around Solomons Island, MD and will do our best to provide our clients with as many viable options as possible.

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Residential and Commercial Roofing in Solomons Island, Maryland

Park Place is fully ready to take on any roofing project in Solomons Island, MD, as we provide a variety of services that can help to make your home or business look more appealing. We’re able to work with various roofing companies in Solomons Island to get the job done and secure your home or business.

Why Choose Park Place?

Great Service

Park Place is dedicated to providing the type of service that people want and deserve. You can rest easy knowing that your home repairs will be taken care of by professionals that are there to help secure your home and your peace of mind.

Professional Team

Our team isn’t just trained to handle your every roofing need, but to ensure that you’re able to trust that we’re looking out for your home.

Highest Standards

There’s no such thing as ‘good enough’ when it comes to roof repairs. Our professional team will do whatever it takes to secure your residence or business.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our job isn’t done until you’re satisfied. Our mission is to leave every client feeling more secure when it comes to their home.

About Us

Park Place is able to provide homeowners and business owners of Solomons Island with a full run-down of the roofing options and manufacturers available in order to ensure that they’re given the service and the roof that they desire. We’re here to let you pick what you want for your home, and we’re proud to serve the roofing needs of the people of Solomons Island, MD. Our people have decades of experience behind them when it comes to working with homeowners and are dedicated to providing the highest quality roofing available, as well as expert advice on any and all products that can secure and beautify your home. From high end to low, Park Place is here to help fulfill the roofing needs of Solomons Island with a professional and personal touch.

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Want to discuss your roofing issues? Get in touch with our team of experts – we’d love to assist you and suggest the best roof repair solution.

If you need personal assistance and are looking for local roofing contractors in Maryland, we are here to help you with our experience, knowledge, and honest efforts.